Saturday, November 11, 2017

Reflection - The Amazing Duffy Theatre

REFLECTION - The Duffy Theatre

On Friday, St Pius X school was so fortunate to have an opportunity for the duffy theatre to perform at our school. Before it started, my class went to the hall and sat down on the chairs. We saw these three enthusiastic people, singing one of Moana’s soundtracks called “Where you are” It was quite groovy, and most of the young students sang with them. My friends and I was singing and dancing to the words, then by the time the song finished the performance was starting.......


  1. Hi Sia,
    I really enjoy reading your writing about your favourite part of the Duffy Show! That was one of my favourite part too! But I picked the Science show! Keep up with your blogging!
    Visit my blog just by clicking the link below.

    Laine ^.^

    1. Thank you soo much for your feedback! I truly Appreciate it! And your welcome on the comment I posted on your blog post! I hope you have a lovely weekend!