Friday, August 11, 2017

Starbucks Report writing Illustration By Lusia Pahulu

Equivalent Fractions......... + - X By Lusia

Good Afternoon,
My group and I have been working on Fractions. I have been working on Maths is Fun and Mathletics to worm on Equivalent Fractions. I know I understand it, and I have the support in my evidence.
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My GOAL is to: 
Find equivalent fractions by splitting, e.g. = , by splitting each quarter into fifths.

My Response to the Lectio Divina Living Prayer! By: Lusia Pahulu

My Aiga and I have created a DLO to show our responses.
I was responding to the holy gospel according to Matthew. Some learners in my Aiga wrote a prayer to the Lord to bless them and to help them through their learning.
LEARN: To Listen to the Lectio Divina scripture and to share my responses.

Friday, August 4, 2017

My Winter Learning Journey award writing I'llustration..........

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What makes a Good teacher?

LEARN: See how has Jesus demonstrate as a good  teacher.
Here is my work I did with Lau to show what makes a good teacher.

- Identify the reasons Jesus is seen is as the model teacher.
- Recognise the characteristics of Jesus as teacher.