Friday, August 25, 2017

My Storyboard of I am David.....

My Storyboard of I am David....

Hey Everyone, This is my Storyboard from chapter 1 to chapter 2.
The scenes were based on the chapters. Chapter 1: was when he escaped from the camp and ran in the dark. Chapter 2: was how he made it in Italy, where it was beautiful and had clear blue skies.
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Exploring the Parables.......

Exploring Parables:

This term My class has been focusing on the community of Disciples. I discovered what was a parable and how did Jesus Used them very well! Here is my DLO of exploring parables! 

Billboard of People who we are looking for.... With Saveu, Henrietta & Lusia

We created a Billboard of describing who we are looking for to people who could follow Jesus's Footsteps. Saveu, Henrietta & I created this! Enjoy!  

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My Netball Illustration..........

Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Weekly Reflection: 13 - 18 August 2017

MY WEEKLY REFLECTION (13 - 18 August 2017):

I have Created My reflection on a Google Draw, just to share it with others.
My Weekly Reflection is what I have learnt and my struggles I need to achieve.
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The Magnificent Titles of Mary!! By Lusia Pahulu

The Magnificent Titles of Mary,

I created a Digital Learning Object (DLO) to show the beautiful and magnificent titles of Mary.
The reason why I created a DLO was because on Tuesday the 14th of August,
it was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. We had a mass at school to share our love for Mary's Special day at St Pius X School.
(Click on the Picture to get a better view) ENJOY!!

Researching the Zoo Website.....

Researching The Zoo Site....

My main focus in Inquiry is The Zoo. Before I researched their site, I wondered what I needed to know about the Zoo, Like what I didn't know or how they do it. After that, I went on their site to see what there were doing and look for information that provided questions. Here is a DLO of information I found.
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Helping our Classroom, School & the Community to be Germ Free....

Here is my Aiga's Presentation,

Mary Mackillop aiga and I were discussing a way to share our school at our learning assembly,
We discuss to talk about Health. We agreed to do a presentation and say what are ways to be germ-free!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Starbucks Report writing Illustration By Lusia Pahulu

Equivalent Fractions......... + - X By Lusia

Good Afternoon,
My group and I have been working on Fractions. I have been working on Maths is Fun and Mathletics to worm on Equivalent Fractions. I know I understand it, and I have the support in my evidence.
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My GOAL is to: 

Find equivalent fractions by splitting, e.g. = , by splitting each quarter into fifths.

My Response to the Lectio Divina Living Prayer! By: Lusia Pahulu

My Aiga and I have created a DLO to show our responses.
I was responding to the holy gospel according to Matthew. Some learners in my Aiga wrote a prayer to the Lord to bless them and to help them through their learning.
LEARN: To Listen to the Lectio Divina scripture and to share my responses.

Friday, August 4, 2017

My Winter Learning Journey award writing I'llustration..........

Click here for the Writing, or click at the illustration for a better view.

What makes a Good teacher?

LEARN: See how has Jesus demonstrate as a good  teacher.
Here is my work I did with Lau to show what makes a good teacher.

- Identify the reasons Jesus is seen is as the model teacher.
- Recognise the characteristics of Jesus as teacher.