Friday, July 28, 2017

Things I Found Successful this week : Term 3

This Term, my class has been working on the word Sucess/ Successful.
I have created a success journal and a weekly planning to follow up my work every time.
We were discussing how we can be successful out side of the school and in side our learning space.
I have created this DLO to show one amazing thing I found successful in my learning.
I hope you enjoy my DLO and please if you have time, please comment on my blog posts!
Click on the Picture for a better view!
THANKS, BYEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 xx


  1. Malo Lelei Lusia:
    What you have posted is very amazing and you have a lot of pictures that flows with your writing about what you had done this week that made you feel successful.
    I also like how you have wrote the things that you have been doing in class during this term.

    Keep up the amazing effort Lusia!!

    1. Thanks Henrietta,
      For your kindness and support by commenting on my posts! I totally feel so appreciated of what you comment in my blog posts! Hope you have a great weekend! See you on the Sunday mass! Byeee <3

      Lusia <3 xx

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