Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 1: Bonus Activity - Winter Learning Journey (100% Pure New Zealand)

Winter Learning Journey

The meaning of this flag ...
1. The two ferns represent the citizens of New Zealand and they come together as one.
2. Three stars I have put on my flag represents the southern cross and the holy cross to bring our country at peace and care.
3. the Britan cross represents the show of our British queen and also the British ensigns.
Bonus Activity: Now it’s time to start your tour! Curious Kiwi decides to start by taking you on a short tour through downtown Auckland. You stop at the Sky Tower, the tallest building in all of New Zealand. When you look up, you see a huge New Zealand flag on the top of the tower. This flag was created back in 1902. That makes the New Zealand flag 115 years old!
H:\Blogging Study\WLJ 2017\New Zealand flag.png

Last year, the Prime Minister of New Zealand suggested that we should replace the flag with a new, updated design. He invited everyone in New Zealand to come up with their own flag design and submit it.
For this activity, it is your turn to design a new flag. Use any drawing programme that you wish.  Once you have finished, post a copy of your design on your blog. Describe the flag, in words, below the picture. Be sure to tell us what is on the flag and what inspired your design.   

Bonus Activity = 8 points


  1. Hi Lusia. I like your flag. I like how you have added ferns on it. I also like how you have explained what each symbol represents. You have completed this task very well. Keep up the fabulous work.

    1. Hi Ohh sen,
      again thank you for taking your time!
      I am so surprised you have commented on some of my blogs! I totally impressed by your commenting! Yeah, as you can see I explained why
      I put the things on my flag design.
      Have a good holiday!

      Lusia P.