Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 1: Activity 1 - Winter Learning Journey (100% Pure New Zealand)

Winter Learning Journey


Activity 1:  Go to the Tourism New Zealand website and click on the ‘Facts - New Zealand People’ tab. Read about the people of New Zealand and then choose three interesting facts to post on your blog. The facts must be written in your own words. Do not simply copy and paste the facts from the website☺.

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Three Facts about the New Zealand People -
1. There are 4.4 million New Zealanders, 69% are Europeans, 14.6% are Maori, 9.2% are Asians and 6.9% are not Maori Pacific Islanders.
2. European pioneers were brave and independent before the farms and settlements were founded, they had clear the land. Sometimes they have to do dangerous things.
3. Rugby is the most common sport in New Zealand, with the history of the almighty All Blacks, that won the rugby world cup.
Extra -
4. Before Sir Ernest Rutherford in the early twentieth century, kiwis discovered and invented things. The inventions have been created in a backyard. The frozen meat, the Hamilton Jet boat and the Bungy jump are the most famous Kiwi inventions.


  1. Kia ora Lusia and welcome to the Winter Learning Journey programme for 2017. I am so happy that you have joined us again this year! Welcome back!

    I am also so glad to see that you have put such a big effort into creating an informative and colourful blog for Day #1, Activity #1. I love all of the pictures that you've added. They really enhance your blog and made it 'pop.'

    Thanks for sharing an 'extra' fact with us for this blog, as well. I love to learn new things and through reading your blog I learned that a New Zealander is credited with inventing frozen meat. I did not know that before! Thanks for sharing :)

    I hope that you'll continue to post such great blogs this holiday. It's always such a pleasure to read your work:)

    Keep it up!


    1. Good Evening Reachel
      Thanks so much for your time posting a comment on my activity!, it's great to see you when you came down at our school! I can't believe we are doing it again! I am going to put everything on my blog to get a prize! Have a great holiday to you and your son! byeeee...

  2. Hi Lusia. Great Blogpost. It's great to have you participating in the Winter Learning Journey. The facts you have provided are interesting. I like how you have added at least one image for each fact. Looking forward to see your future posts.