Thursday, March 16, 2017

My lovely Soul friend is.......

About my soul friend….

My soul friend is Angeline Haiosi, she is a year 3 and she’s from room 3. She has 4 sisters who are Sonya, Alecia, Annabelle and sana.

Her parents are sonny Haiosi and Sio Haiosi. She likes to play frisbee, handball and pikachu (hand game). She also likes playing soccer, reading books, cleaning up and her soul friend (me).

She doesn't like people bullying her, people cheating and hitting her friends. Her best subjects at school during her learning are maths and reading.
This is my soul friend Angeline and Myself as well.

Acrostic Poem About my Soul friend

Angel - She is such an Angel.
Never - never let anyone get the best of her and always to try her hardest.
Giving - Always giving a go of something she hasn’t done before.
Empower - She doesn’t let anyone empower her from her learning.

Learning - Always focusing on her learning and her attitude.


  1. I love this Beauitful letter you did for me Lusia.

    Love From Angeline Haiosi

  2. I am From St Pius X Catholic School