Thursday, March 16, 2017



My leadership team and I, had a privilege to go and represent for our school at the Ruapotaka marae. Ruapotaka marae has a project that got to do with a traditional cloak, (which is called a korowai) that represent the new houses built in G.I. (Glen Innes), Mt Wellington, Panmure and more.

We had an opportunity to actually tie a small coloured house (one each) onto the Korowai to represent our home in the community.
Before we tied the houses on the Korowai, this lady called general fire talked to us about themselves and what they were doing. She told us “the parents and herself (Our parents too) were present and that we are the future of the whole community area” She also said that “one day we will live in a house in the area when we grow up”

General fire said “her community wanted to do something good for the new houses, that are going to be built in our area” and I think that it’s a great idea. The korowai are going to be presented at the art festival this year when they are finished.
We also had a talk with one of the person’s that are in the community, She told us “what do we like to see more in our society, and put it down on the book they had on one of the tables”

So we put some things that we want to see more in our area or school. I put, I would like to see more netball courts around our area. I also put, More library's next to our school that we can walk to the library, after school if parents are working late. After that we finished and had a photo with the korowai. Fano and I held the sign that says “Ruapotaka” and then headed off back to school. What an amazing experience we had!
*Here are some photos from our experience* *The third photo was when the lady told us to do the pukana!*

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