Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 17 Week 4 Bonus Activity - Summer Learning Journey 2017

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Bonus Activity
Take a picture of yourself standing beside a popular place in your community. It can be anywhere that’s pretty popular in your area (e.g. a store, a restaurant, a marae, etc). On your blog please tell us about the landmark. What is the name of it? Where is it? Who goes to it?
Well this is me and my cousin at Rainbow End at 2013! Rainbows End  is at Manakau, 2 clist crescent in Auckland! Rainbows end is the biggest theme park in New Zealand! It's very famous and fun for family or friends! My whole family goes to it every time they have a chance! They also have kids kingdom were 8 years olds and under kids have there own kingdom of amazing fun rides that is appropriate for only those ages! This is an extra photo of me and my cousin riding the log flume!! They also have their own characters called Rai and Bow! P.S Sorry for the blurry pictures this is all I have*


  1. Hey Lusia,

    Great work and rainbow end is a popular place and it is really fun to go on all the rides.

    Katelyn :)

  2. Hi Lusia!

    These are great pictures of you and your cousin enjoying a beautiful day at Rainbow's End. It is a pretty cool place to go, isn't it? My son, Aronui, keeps on asking if I will take him to Rainbow's End but he's still a bit too young to go on most of the rides. I think that I'll wait and take he and his cousins there in another year or so.

    I see that the pictures were taken in 2013. Have you and/or your cousin been back to Rainbow's End in the past few years? I wonder if the log flume ride is still there...

    When I was younger my sister and I could go to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto every year. We call it the C.N.E. and it has dozens of rides and special exhibits. The CNE is only open for a couple of weeks each year and it's a really popular place to visit. Leigh (my sister) and I used to always ride on the log flume every time that we went. I have so many great memories of those trips. Do you have great memories of your time at Rainbow's End? I hope so :)

    Rachel :)