Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 14 Week 3 Activity 1/2 Summer Learning Journey 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Activity 1
Here in New Zealand, the prime minister of the country is the Honourable John Key. Imagine that you are Mr. Key and you have the power to create laws (rules) that all people in New Zealand would have to follow. If I (Rachel) were the prime minister I would make a rule that everyone should eat lollies for breakfast. What three (3) rules would you make up if you were the prime minister? On your blog tell us what your three rules would be.

If I was the Prime Minister my rules would be…….
1.  Smoking shouldn’t be aloud in New Zealand because I could see 15 to 18 smoking in local areas because of their parents!

2. Policies should do check ups for drinking and driving because people have been affected by this and need to be checked!

Image result for ice cream cookie dough3. Everyone can eat Ice cream for dinner…… Hehehehe

Activity 2
Some people say that the most powerful person in the world is the president of the United States. His name is Donald Trump and he became the president this past November when he beat out his competitor, a woman named Hillary Clinton. Google ‘Hillary Clinton’ to find out a little bit more about her. On your blog, post three interesting facts about Hillary.

Hillary Clinton

Image result for Chicago, IllinoisFact 1. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (Which is Hillary Clinton’s full name) was born on October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois, and was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois. She has two brothers, Hugh and Anthony.

Image result for united states secretary of state hillary clinton

Fact 2. Hillary Clinton was the 67th United States secretary from 2009 to 2013!

Fact 3. Hillary Clinton was the U.S. Senator from New York since 2001 to 2009!

Image result for Hillary clinton

Fact 4. First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001, and the Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election.


  1. Hi Lusia!

    Those are interesting facts about Hillary Clinton. Great work and keep it up!


  2. Hey lusia,

    I think that you would make a wonderful prime minister one day and ice cream for dinner sounds awesome and delicious. I agree with Von your facts about Hillary Clinton were very interesting.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Katelyn :)

    1. Thank you Katelyn! Have a great holiday!

  3. Hi Lusia,
    I really like your facts about Hillary Clinton. All though your law about polices should check drinking drivers, I think that has been dealt with as in (Polices are doing that). Other then that Great Blogging! (:
    - Stanley.

  4. Hi Lusia,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about important laws to consider for New Zealand. I liked all three. The first two were very serious and, I think, incredibly important. We do need to make smoking illegal as it is a very expensive and unhealthy habit. My grandmother smoked for years and I always wished that she would quit but she started when she was very young and didn't know how additive and dangerous the habit could be. I have learned from my experiences with her to not start smoking, or else I will risk becoming addicted and falling ill. It's just not worth it.

    I also believe that the police need to be more vigilant (strict) about checking for drunk drivers. There are too many innocent people affected by drink driving in New Zealand (and overseas). I think that you're right to call for stricter penalties.

    Finally, I also think that you're right to encourage everyone to eat ice cream for dinner. Who wouldn't want to eat ice cream every night?! I know that I would. I love it!

    If I had to choose one flavour, it would definitely be Cookies 'n Cream. Which ice cream flavour is your favourite, Lusia?

    Take care,

    Rachel :)