Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 12 Week 2 Activity 1/2 Summer Learning Journey 2017

Activity 1
On your blog provide a short review of the video from your country. In your review please tell us:
  1. The name of the television show
A) Anpanman
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  1. What you liked about the show
A) I liked how they did their characters! It’s amazing! I loved how the super hero (Anpanman) saved them all out of there! Also they did a incredible job on the cartoon effect especially the screen effect!
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  1. What you didn’t like about the show
A) The one that I didn’t like was how the cartoon characters weren't talking, I would rather see some talking and like letting the kids help the superheros way to save them! E.G like Dora The Explorer and etc. But everything else is great!
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**** I’ll give it a 4 stars!
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Activity 2
Most of us like to watch TV when we have the chance. One of my favourite television shows, at the moment, is called Veep. It’s a show about a woman who becomes the President of the United States. It’s pretty funny! I watch Veep on HBO every Monday night.
What is your favourite television show at the moment? On your blog, tell us the name of your favourite television show and tell us, briefly, what it is about.
My all time favourite show is……
KC Undercover!!
Kc Undercover is a tv show that is on Disney channel every week days! It’s about this girl named Kc. She has a younger brother called Marcus. She also has a close best friend called Marisa! Kc is very good at education and also doing special kinda techniques! She was tested by her parents to be a spy like them that she didn’t even knew that they were spies! Than suddenly she became a spy but she couldn’t tell anyone! She also has a robot sister called Judy that is a spy too! To be continued……


  1. Kia ora Lusia!

    Thanks for the great synopsis of KC Undercover. I had never heard of this programme until I read your blog. It sounds pretty cool.

    Like you, I am also a fan of political comedies and I have been thinking about watching Veep for the past few years. After reading that you would recommend it, I am going to give it a try. Is the show currently airing on HBO every Monday night? I might need to find a way to watch the previous seasons before I start watching the televised version or else I could be utterly confused!

    Thanks so much for the great recommendations, Lusia. I'm excited to have a new television show/focus for this year.

    Hope your year has also started off well. Did you make any new years' resolutions?

    I have resolved to spend as much quality time as I can with my son, Aronui. He's growing up so quickly that I'm worried that I'll turn around one day and he'll be an adult. Fortunately, he's only 6 so I think that I have a few years before I have to worry too much about that!

    Keep up the great work, Lusia ;-)


    1. Thanks Rachel for the feedback! I had an amazing New Years Day Resolution! I went to church to thank God for everything he has done for me. I also had family over and we had lunch together as a family! Me and My family went to the cemetery to see my two grandmas that past away which is my Grandma that I stayed with's Sisters. And also saw my Grandma's two sons that past away when they were born.

    2. Hi Lusia,

      It sounds like you had a very special New Years Day. It's lovely to hear that you had time with your family. We're so lucky to have great families, aren't we?

      Rachel :)

  2. Woah Whaaaaat? I've never heard of this show and the way you described it makes me want to watch it! I wonder if my little sister would be keen to watch.

    Your review of Anpanman was very thoughtful and well constructed. Excellent work.


    1. Thank you Mark for your feedback!! Thanks have a great holiday with your family!