Thursday, December 1, 2016


Tsunami Alert Alert  

When we got to Piha Mills I could hear someone say “We're here yay!!!” When we unpacked our stuff and put it away in the cabin, the main person from the camp grounds were telling us the rules and alerts if there was an earthquake, fire, tsunami or a storm. Than we had some time to look around or go toilet before we go to the beach. After awhile we heard “We are going to leave to go to the beach now everyone come and line up!”

When we were walking we saw heaps of mountains, trees and houses up ahead. Halfway to the beach we go! Than suddenly we could hear the Tsunami alert siren going on. Then all of us panicked, we ran as fast as we could and went on the bus. Luckily the bus was still there! I was full of fright and scaredness. Then suddenly we lost two of the boys on the bus so one of our teachers went to look for them. 2 minutes later, they were still not there. So we waited for another minute, they came back with their stuff than finally the bus moved quickly. Than we all went back up the hill.

We saw the hill past behind the bus and the whole hill was about to sink. All of us was about to panic and even our teachers. Lucky our bus driver wasn’t panicking like we were. We finally went past the hill and we could see the highway through the main motorway up front. We all was calm and was singing through the way back to St Pius X school.

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