Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Road trip to camp!!

When I woke up I felt soo excited going to piha for camp! I had all my food ready packed in my bag for the long road trip to piha. I got dressed and headed off to school. When I got there I was really excited and was waiting for our bus to arrive. After we went to the bus and put our bags away we headed off inside the bus.

When the bus moved we got our food out and ate some, we also were talking and singing in the bus having a great time! After 1 hour we were half way at piha. Alecia,Olga and I were talking and then Olga fell asleep. Alecia and me were enjoying the great view.Later then finally we heard a sound called “WE ARE HERE NOW” I was excited and so the beautiful view of mountains,trees,beaches and houses.

After we put our stuff away we went and sort out our cabins. We had free time after we were done so the others and I went to play volleyball.After a while Mrs Tui,Mr Cockley and the others went to the beach.
It was soo tiring walking to the beach but it was worth it when we got there. We got to put our feet in the water and make sand castles full of shells,sticks,grass and sand.

When we walked back Alecia, Paul and I were talking and laughing while walking through back to camp.
After awhile we got back we did an activity when we find the numbers in the camp grounds. It was very tiring but we were trying to find 11 and 9 it was hard to find! After I went for a shower and played outside for free time. Than Mrs Tui called us in the living room to do our reflection today.

After that we went for dinner. It was so delicious and yummy!! We had mince with cheese,Peas and mashed potato! We also had dessert it was very sweet but yum! When we finish eating dessert and dinner we got to go to the burma trail when it was dark.

It’s where we put a blindfold on, then hold a rope that leads you through the forest to go out to the other side in the dark. People was screaming but I was laughing the whole way through! I had 2 turns it was so fun and not scary!! After that Alecia,Von,analei and I went to eat and drink some milo with biscuits. Very nice and warm just the way I like it!

When we finished the girls and I went and got ready for bed. Then we talked a little till it was time to say goodnight and sleep till the way through.

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