Monday, December 12, 2016

ITS GOLF TIME!! By Lusia Pahulu

When we got to the hall I knew that this was going to be so fun! I got excited and sat down to wait for instructions from the coach. The coach was telling what we should do and not to do and explaining what we are doing today. We started off with throwing the ball to the middle target. My team and I got 3 in the middle. Then our coach was saying to throw it in the target with the flag on top.

We only got 4 in but it was a hit and run. Then we started to make a course to throw the ball inside a tunnel and into the cones. It was soo much fun and hard to try get the ball inside the cone but it took practice to try. Then we didn’t have much time so we got the golf club and hit some balls throw the target lucky I got 3 in the target but it was hard to get into the target but it took time.

After a while we finished and went to back to our class.

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