Friday, October 14, 2016

My R.E Groups Charism- Margaret Alyward Story. By Lusia Pahulu

(Patrick) Paragraph 1 Explanation:Margaret Louisa Aylward was born in Waterford on November 23rd 1810. She was the fifth child of William Aylward and Ellen Murphy. Her father helped establish a group that helped unfortunate citizens.

(Stanley) Paragraph 2 Explanation:
My Paragraph was about when Margaret Aylwards mothers both sisters died and all their money and land came to Margaret Aylwards family.

(Faleaka) Paragraph 3 Explanation:  Thomas Meagher, father of Thomas Francis Meagher was one of the Margaret Aylward’s most prized person.   

(Lusia) Paragraph 4  Explanation: Margaret Louisa Aylward had a strong connection with Br Rice and the christian brothers and have already notice about their uncles connection. Also Margaret and the christian brothers help the irish children's needs by putting them in a school with a help called the presentation sisters.

(Peli) Paragraph 5 Explanation:
Margaret Aylward received her early education in a small Quaker school in Waterford where she lived for 4 years teaching in the convent and working in a charity pawn shop. Margaret's sister Catherine had joined the Irish Sisters of Charity in Dublin Margaret also joined in 1834 receiving the religious name Sr. Mary Alphonsus Ligouri.

(Wela) Paragraph 6 Explanation:
Margaret Aylward was in a city, where she would labour for the rest of her life.  

(Manu)Paragraph 7 Explanation: Margaret She was attempted to be an Charity and She was Explaining About Her Death and When She Died and It Was October (11) 1889 And Thee aged 79 Years old.

My Weekend Writing By Lusia Pahulu

My weekend writing

On a beautiful sunny day my family and I decided to go to the beach to go for a swim. Also to have a massive feed as well. Me and my cousin Cecelia went to my room and got our gear ready to swim.

We first of all got out our swimming googles, sunglasses,a towel,a change of clothes and almost most forgotten one more thing…. it  was our lava lava. Then Cecelia and I got changed under our clothes with our swimming togs.

We both were ready and headed to the beach. Finally we got there early,then as soon as we got out the car we saw my brother sitting there saving us a spot in the shade.

Firstly we took off our clothes and put it in our bags and raced off to the water with my brother and my boy cousins......


A White Foggy day

A blanket of fog covered the land below with only patches of green grass and some large buildings visible. I was refusing to go to the restroom. But I went to the restroom, I then saw someone already inside. So I went back to check my phone if any texts or notifications. Here my family and I got on a plane heading to the south island.

As I sat quietly, I ate my lunch and listened to music. But while I was sleeping, my ears started to ring. My hearing started to block and I couldn’t hear my mum talk. A little while later I heard the Pilot said “we are going to be landing very soon so buckle up tightly and hold on till we land safe and sound.” I looked at the window nervously landing below. Seeing the foggy weather was kinda a typical day really.

When we landed all we saw was a white blur following us through every step of the way till we could reach to the door that leads us inside the airport. When we got inside we looked out the window and saw everything disappear like it was invisible.

Then suddenly when I went to get my bags from the carry on area I couldn't see my bag anywhere so I looked around there it was with a man and a woman who got my bag so I went up to them and asked if that was my bag. Then when they heard me talking they ran away with my bag and I ran after them to try get my bag off them. Then finally the guards found out from my family who told the guards,so they tried to get my bag off them.

Then Finally I got my bag back from them and the people who got arrested was named Dan and Bradley. So Finally I got there to Christchurch and had something to eat from McDonald's. Then also told my story to my family from Christchurch.