Friday, September 16, 2016


Friday 16th September 2016
I can write good sentence struct-er.

Today in the middle block Room 7 and I had kiwi sport which was volleyball. We had to get into partners and practise throwing the ball side to side.
After a little while we had to split into four groups so we can play a Traffic game of volleyball by versing each other.
My group versed Stanley's group, It was fun and amazing how they had such amazing skills I did not expect. Especially Olga wow how can she throw like that.

Then after a little while my group changed to vs the boys team but there was a change up we had to be mixed with the boys and girls. It was surprising. After our game we said bye to Nick and thank him for teaching us some skills for volleyball.
This is my video playing Stanley's teams versing my team.

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