Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Story from the House’s Point of View
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In the evening after my school was finished, I walked home feeling tired as usual and found myself walking with my friends Alecia and Von.
We were laughing having a great time walking and talking. Then suddenly we saw this guy following us but we couldn't see that guy's face or body because we only saw his shadow but as soon as we look back we still saw his shadow. So first we ran then walked and still see the shadow so we looked at each other but Von did not believe that it was a man so she kept on walking then as soon as she looked back she saw the shadow running toward her to follow Alecia and me. Then as soon as the shadow and Von catches up we ran as fast as we could. After the weather changed to a dark dark black scary sky and we saw this house and the shadow went to the scary house across the corner of my house. Than Alecia and Von said “should we go to the house or no?” Then I said “Yeah we should check it out and see if it’s haunted or not!” Then Von said “Hmmmm but guys you know i’m scared of haunted houses!” Then Alecia and I said “Don't worry we will be there through the step we go OK!” So Alecia,Von and me went to the haunted house and try if it's open then as soon as we went to the door it opened by itself. Then Alecia said “OH MY GOSH!”, I said “OH MY LIFE!” and Von Said “OH MY HEAVENS!” So we got scared but we said to ourselves that we can do it and we are strong. Then we walked in with fright but still hanged tight, Then bang we heard the thunder lightening going towards the house and closed the door. So we ran as fast as we can up the stairs and looked around and then a Big bang and It made me so surprised and It was a ghost I was so scared that even Von and Alecia hold me so close. Then there was a room that was closed and said “Do not come in un lease its Lusia!” I was So confused how did it noticed me and why it says my name I asked!? Then as soon as I opened the door There was a huge Bang and said “SURPRISE!” I got so confused why the hell is my parents,friends and family here then I looked at the Banner at the top saying “HAPPY BDAY LUSIA!” I was full of shocked and I totally forgot it was my birth day! I asked my parents how did you do all these scary stuff and where is the man in the shadow is? They said Spooky's helped set up and who’s the man in the shadows is?? I was thinking to myself OMG he is real! Then I asked my best friends Alecia and Von did you know this on the way and they said Yeah sorry Lusia but I gotta say your birthday is the most spookiest party I have ever seen.  I had the most scariest time and most funnest time with my best friends,friends,family and most of all my parents. I said thanks to all that came and said thanks for the helpers who help to set up. Then after I went down stairs I went home and Kept thinking of the man in the shadows trying to find out if he is real on not?

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