Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Experience at tech with my team By Lusia Pahulu

Wednesday 21st September 2016

Bread making.

When we started getting a measuring jug from Mr Swift we put yeast sugar and salt and put it near our other jug  of flower. We put all the ingredients in the ball and mixed it with warm temperature water. The whole Ingredients was all mixed up into the flower and became thinner then we put it into 8 balls of bread dough and put it into the oven. We waited for a few minutes and it was ready! It was so yummy I gave one to my grandma and one for me. In my group we had Richie,Alecia,Malia and Me. It was soo fun and we had a strong team work we listened to Mr Swift, listen to each other,we sort the ingredients together we rolled the flower together and baked the bread together. I very enjoyed making the bread and cooking the bread with my team and loved also enjoyed our teamwork. There was no problem.

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