Friday, September 9, 2016


Thursday 8th September 2016

How does it feel to be a Tongan?

When you're a Tongan it feels great,proud and amazing to be a Tongan because you get to wear big mats,dresses,flowers and eat amazing delicious food. The best-est things about being a Tongan is that everyone who is a Tongan are always proud for what they are and become who they are. But when your family goes to Tonga  and comes back everyone from Tonga brings back some clothes or Tongan food from Tonga. Even there Tongan made oil, I love the smell and shine from my hair.
Tongan people always welcome people in and make people special especially Tongan family traditions.
Today I feel very special and very proud to be a Tongan also the people who are dressed up so beautifully looks amazing . by the way I am also proud of them for making an effort to come in their Tongan clothes.

This is Paul,Peli,Sammy,Rosrine,Kalo,Sevau and Me cleaning up the hall.
The other photo is Sevau, Kalo and me cleaning up the hall and eating the left over Otai!
The third and fourth photo is me helping the teachers and parents with the food. The fourth photo is Room 4 eating their food!

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