Monday, September 26, 2016

Which country?? By Lusia Pahulu

This is my creation I did in the holidays.

This holiday's I am doing a room 7 holiday blogging Journey. I hope you follow what I have been doing In the holidays. Hope you enjoy my learning in the holidays! 


This is my creation I did in the holidays.

This holiday's I am doing a holiday blogging Journey. I hope you follow what I have been doing In this holidays. Hope you enjoy my learning! 

Project 1!

My understanding of a Kiwiana are certain items and icons from New Zealand's heritage, especially from around the middle of the 20th century that are seen as representing iconic Kiwi elements.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Story from the House’s Point of View
Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.21.36 PM.png
In the evening after my school was finished, I walked home feeling tired as usual and found myself walking with my friends Alecia and Von.
We were laughing having a great time walking and talking. Then suddenly we saw this guy following us but we couldn't see that guy's face or body because we only saw his shadow but as soon as we look back we still saw his shadow. So first we ran then walked and still see the shadow so we looked at each other but Von did not believe that it was a man so she kept on walking then as soon as she looked back she saw the shadow running toward her to follow Alecia and me. Then as soon as the shadow and Von catches up we ran as fast as we could. After the weather changed to a dark dark black scary sky and we saw this house and the shadow went to the scary house across the corner of my house. Than Alecia and Von said “should we go to the house or no?” Then I said “Yeah we should check it out and see if it’s haunted or not!” Then Von said “Hmmmm but guys you know i’m scared of haunted houses!” Then Alecia and I said “Don't worry we will be there through the step we go OK!” So Alecia,Von and me went to the haunted house and try if it's open then as soon as we went to the door it opened by itself. Then Alecia said “OH MY GOSH!”, I said “OH MY LIFE!” and Von Said “OH MY HEAVENS!” So we got scared but we said to ourselves that we can do it and we are strong. Then we walked in with fright but still hanged tight, Then bang we heard the thunder lightening going towards the house and closed the door. So we ran as fast as we can up the stairs and looked around and then a Big bang and It made me so surprised and It was a ghost I was so scared that even Von and Alecia hold me so close. Then there was a room that was closed and said “Do not come in un lease its Lusia!” I was So confused how did it noticed me and why it says my name I asked!? Then as soon as I opened the door There was a huge Bang and said “SURPRISE!” I got so confused why the hell is my parents,friends and family here then I looked at the Banner at the top saying “HAPPY BDAY LUSIA!” I was full of shocked and I totally forgot it was my birth day! I asked my parents how did you do all these scary stuff and where is the man in the shadow is? They said Spooky's helped set up and who’s the man in the shadows is?? I was thinking to myself OMG he is real! Then I asked my best friends Alecia and Von did you know this on the way and they said Yeah sorry Lusia but I gotta say your birthday is the most spookiest party I have ever seen.  I had the most scariest time and most funnest time with my best friends,friends,family and most of all my parents. I said thanks to all that came and said thanks for the helpers who help to set up. Then after I went down stairs I went home and Kept thinking of the man in the shadows trying to find out if he is real on not?

My Experience at tech with my team By Lusia Pahulu

Wednesday 21st September 2016

Bread making.

When we started getting a measuring jug from Mr Swift we put yeast sugar and salt and put it near our other jug  of flower. We put all the ingredients in the ball and mixed it with warm temperature water. The whole Ingredients was all mixed up into the flower and became thinner then we put it into 8 balls of bread dough and put it into the oven. We waited for a few minutes and it was ready! It was so yummy I gave one to my grandma and one for me. In my group we had Richie,Alecia,Malia and Me. It was soo fun and we had a strong team work we listened to Mr Swift, listen to each other,we sort the ingredients together we rolled the flower together and baked the bread together. I very enjoyed making the bread and cooking the bread with my team and loved also enjoyed our teamwork. There was no problem.

Monday, September 19, 2016

My Prototec result's By Lusia Pahulu

Today I have done my Monday daily Prototec results. I had improve my Prototec Results by my timing because I use to have 2 minutes and 57 sec and now 2 minutes and 35 secs.

Friday, September 16, 2016



Friday 16th September 2016
I can write good sentence struct-er.

Today in the middle block Room 7 and I had kiwi sport which was volleyball. We had to get into partners and practise throwing the ball side to side.
After a little while we had to split into four groups so we can play a Traffic game of volleyball by versing each other.
My group versed Stanley's group, It was fun and amazing how they had such amazing skills I did not expect. Especially Olga wow how can she throw like that.

Then after a little while my group changed to vs the boys team but there was a change up we had to be mixed with the boys and girls. It was surprising. After our game we said bye to Nick and thank him for teaching us some skills for volleyball.
This is my video playing Stanley's teams versing my team.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Invitation for my grandparents by Lusia Pahulu

This is my invitation for my grandparents because we have a grandparents day mass for all the grand parents.

My Amazing Acrostic Poem by Lusia Pahulu

Many years ago I was born in your arms helping mum to deliver me.
Amazing person to me and always never give up on me.
Limited of over the years you have been helping through day one.
I’ve been always thinking that I am so lucky I had you in my life.

All your love is a presentation by me and give heaps of love back to you.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Thursday 8th September 2016

How does it feel to be a Tongan?

When you're a Tongan it feels great,proud and amazing to be a Tongan because you get to wear big mats,dresses,flowers and eat amazing delicious food. The best-est things about being a Tongan is that everyone who is a Tongan are always proud for what they are and become who they are. But when your family goes to Tonga  and comes back everyone from Tonga brings back some clothes or Tongan food from Tonga. Even there Tongan made oil, I love the smell and shine from my hair.
Tongan people always welcome people in and make people special especially Tongan family traditions.
Today I feel very special and very proud to be a Tongan also the people who are dressed up so beautifully looks amazing . by the way I am also proud of them for making an effort to come in their Tongan clothes.

This is Paul,Peli,Sammy,Rosrine,Kalo,Sevau and Me cleaning up the hall.
The other photo is Sevau, Kalo and me cleaning up the hall and eating the left over Otai!
The third and fourth photo is me helping the teachers and parents with the food. The fourth photo is Room 4 eating their food!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Since I watched Olympics I have been watching Valerie Adams Shot put ever since! She is a Inspiring person in the Olympics! I hope you enjoy my information I know from my per Knowledge.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Amazing Video about Maths - By Lusia Pahulu

Thursday 1st September 2016

I have been working the whole block with Mrs Tui and I have now understand and learnt what is a simplify and decimal fractions.

Decimals and simply

Today I have been working on simplify and decimal fractions with Mrs Tui by using material. Which is fraction blocks. Also been using the lowest common factor toward our decimal fractions.
I feel Today I have been doing well and I'm so proud that i had tried so hard on my maths. I now understand what is a simplify and decimal fractions.