Friday, August 19, 2016

Strange Package Receive! By Lusia Pahulu

C. characters are: Me (Lusia) and My grandma (Malia)
S. at home.
P. Problem is I got a strange package from someone and wondering who sent it to me.

Stange Package receive!

I found a strange package by the door next to my feet. It was very huge but very strange because I never expected a package on my way today?! So I wondered who would give me a strange package today without me knowing?! So I looked if it has my name on it and it says that “this package is for Lusia Pahulu only for her! So I was thinking it must be a package from someone so I took it inside my house and it was heavy by the way!

So then I went to ask if my Grandma got anything for me and she said she had not expect anything but she was giggling when I said okay. But I’m still confused who send me a big package for me? Then so I couldn’t wait so I opened it and Guess what it was in their?

Then I cried with happiness because in the package where Nike shoes,Nike clothes with lollies and chocolate! The most I loved was it was from my Dad at Australia and I missed him so much.  Then I asked my grandma “did you know this was gonna happen?” Then she replied “yes because he told me not to tell you because it was a surprise and theirs a lucky last surprise!” Then I asked my grandma “Where is it then?” So She told me to turn around then I did and I saw my dad standing there crying for me! Then I ran and ran as fast as I can and hugged him so hard and kissed him! Then when he told me that he missed me and loved me so much! So I hugged him and spent so much time then we went bowling with him and my step sisters and my Grandma and Grandpa.

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