Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lunch time!!! By Lusia Pahulu

Sunday 14th August 2016
Lunch Time!!

Today I woke up feeling amazing and went to have breakfast with my family. Then after I fixed up my hair, brush my teeth,wash my face, got dressed and went to help my grandma with making the Mango Otai. When I help my grandma I always love talking to her and when she talks about her back in the day stories. Also talking about my grandma Lusia (which is my grandma that I am named after) and tells lots of funny stories about me when I was little or francis.

Then a few minutes, we made mango otai.
A mango otai is a yummy drink that has coconut and mango with water and milk. Then after we made the otai we decided to go to pamnure to buy me some new school shoes for tomorrow’s mass. So while I waited for my grandma to get dressed my cousins came for lunch then we talked and talked then finally my grandma got back to finish getting dressed.

After a few minutes my grandma,my cousin and I went to go get my shoes. Then finally we got there we first tried hannahs. When we went to hannah's they did not have my size there at all so we went to number one shoes. They only have boy shoes. So my grandma deiced we should go to sylvia park and try find my size and a good school shoes. Then finally sylvia park hannah's have my size and good school shoes.

So we went inside our car and drove back home to eat lunch. When we got back we ate and ate till we were full. The food was sooo yummy! After I got ready for school tomorrow and had a shower. I had a great day and was very happy spending lots of time with my grandma and grandpa.

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