Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If my rabbit could talk! By Lusia Pahulu

If Pets could speak

I am going to write about if my pet could speak.
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Characters: My Rabbit Harris and me. (Lusia)

My conversation with my pet

“Lusiiiaaa!!! WAKE UP FOR SCHOOL!" Somebody yelled out loudly. I woke up feeling weird and confused where the yelling was coming from.

I gave a pat and a hug to Harris (my rabbit) and suddenly Harris said “finally you're awake, you gonna be late for school” chop chop.

I was so terribly shocked I had never thought that pets will be able to talk.
So I asked him nervously “wh-wh-wh why are you talking I mean how are you talking?”

Harris replied back saying “I can speak you know but whatever you do don’t panic" I panicked frighteningly and he said to me "NO! one is  gonna die." Then I started breathing in and out thinking this was a dream.

So I tried slapping myself in the face side to side to wake me up. Then finally I realized that it wasn’t a dream. So I went to get changed and I was still thinking about Harris of how he could still talk

Then  before I went to school Harris said “Have fun at school Lusia!”So then I was still thinking about Harris at school. Then finally I came back from school still thinking about Harris,so I went to my room and saw Harris lying down on my bed watching me. So I said “Hi Harris I missed you I really need to talk to you”.
Then Harris replied back “Hi Lusia I missed you too also your snoring too and yeah what is it you want to talk about?” when after he replied I lie down in my bed with harry saying “how did can you talk and when did you talk?”

But  after I told him a question he told me “I do not know but I know that my family died and he was the only family alive”.

So I hugged Him so tight then told him i'm his family now I will always love him and treat him like my family”!

Thanks for reading!

My rabbit Harris!

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