Sunday, August 21, 2016


Saturday 21st August 2016


Today I woke up feeling amazing having a great time in my bed then when I got up I heard my grandma yelling, “LUSIAA GET UP! and have breakfast then get changed because we're going to get your brother Panda’s new phone!”

Then I quickly got up, ate my breakfast and got changed quickly then shouted to my brother, “GET UP YOU LAZY BONE! WE'RE GOING TO BUY YOU A NEW PHONE PANDA!" Then finally he woke up and got dressed then my brother, grandma and I went to Sylvia Park to go look for his new phone.

As soon as we got there we went inside and walked to the shop near The Warehouse. Then my brother came and we saw the iPhone 6s and he wanted it. So we bought the gold one and a case for it as well. Then finally we finished buying his phone, we went to the food court to buy something to eat because my brother and I didn't have any breakfast.
I had Mcdonalds and my brother had butter chicken for breakfast. Then after that we went to buy me some new Nike shoes and a new netball for me. After awhile we finally got home and the first thing I did was sleep, and when I woke up I then did heaps of washing.


  1. Showing immense improvement. However still needs to work on her grammar and sentence structure. Spelling has improved as well.


  2. It a good writing. But in the first paragraph you said that you were having your breakfast. But on the last paragraph you said that you and your brother didn't have any breakfast. It confusing me.

    1. Hahahahhaha I ate A little bit because I had to rush to get changed!