Friday, August 26, 2016


In class Room 7 have been doing R.E and I have learnt a lot from Jesus teaching and his parables. One thing I have learnt is how the group of men opened the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowed the mat down with the Paralysed man. Then When Jesus saw their faith he said to the Paralysed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

Monday, August 22, 2016


 Today we were learning what and how we feel,hear/sound,see/look in respect.
What is Respect -
Respect is a virtue that people sometimes use during their daily lives. Respect is also something that is very important to us human beings.
This is how we.............
  • Thank You
  • Please
  • You can go first
  • It’s alright
  • Excuse me
  • I’m Sorry
  • Pardon me
  • We see people showing good examples.
  • We see people showing kindness
  • We see people caring for each other.
  • We see people showing good manners
  • Helping Elders
  • We feel Glad
  • We feel happy
  • We feel Good
  • We feel Positive
  • We feel Grateful

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Saturday 21st August 2016


Today I woke up feeling amazing having a great time in my bed then when I got up I heard my grandma yelling, “LUSIAA GET UP! and have breakfast then get changed because we're going to get your brother Panda’s new phone!”

Then I quickly got up, ate my breakfast and got changed quickly then shouted to my brother, “GET UP YOU LAZY BONE! WE'RE GOING TO BUY YOU A NEW PHONE PANDA!" Then finally he woke up and got dressed then my brother, grandma and I went to Sylvia Park to go look for his new phone.

As soon as we got there we went inside and walked to the shop near The Warehouse. Then my brother came and we saw the iPhone 6s and he wanted it. So we bought the gold one and a case for it as well. Then finally we finished buying his phone, we went to the food court to buy something to eat because my brother and I didn't have any breakfast.
I had Mcdonalds and my brother had butter chicken for breakfast. Then after that we went to buy me some new Nike shoes and a new netball for me. After awhile we finally got home and the first thing I did was sleep, and when I woke up I then did heaps of washing.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Strange Package Receive! By Lusia Pahulu

C. characters are: Me (Lusia) and My grandma (Malia)
S. at home.
P. Problem is I got a strange package from someone and wondering who sent it to me.

Stange Package receive!

I found a strange package by the door next to my feet. It was very huge but very strange because I never expected a package on my way today?! So I wondered who would give me a strange package today without me knowing?! So I looked if it has my name on it and it says that “this package is for Lusia Pahulu only for her! So I was thinking it must be a package from someone so I took it inside my house and it was heavy by the way!

So then I went to ask if my Grandma got anything for me and she said she had not expect anything but she was giggling when I said okay. But I’m still confused who send me a big package for me? Then so I couldn’t wait so I opened it and Guess what it was in their?

Then I cried with happiness because in the package where Nike shoes,Nike clothes with lollies and chocolate! The most I loved was it was from my Dad at Australia and I missed him so much.  Then I asked my grandma “did you know this was gonna happen?” Then she replied “yes because he told me not to tell you because it was a surprise and theirs a lucky last surprise!” Then I asked my grandma “Where is it then?” So She told me to turn around then I did and I saw my dad standing there crying for me! Then I ran and ran as fast as I can and hugged him so hard and kissed him! Then when he told me that he missed me and loved me so much! So I hugged him and spent so much time then we went bowling with him and my step sisters and my Grandma and Grandpa.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


If my rabbit could talk! By Lusia Pahulu

If Pets could speak

I am going to write about if my pet could speak.
Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.07.02 PM.png
Characters: My Rabbit Harris and me. (Lusia)

My conversation with my pet

“Lusiiiaaa!!! WAKE UP FOR SCHOOL!" Somebody yelled out loudly. I woke up feeling weird and confused where the yelling was coming from.

I gave a pat and a hug to Harris (my rabbit) and suddenly Harris said “finally you're awake, you gonna be late for school” chop chop.

I was so terribly shocked I had never thought that pets will be able to talk.
So I asked him nervously “wh-wh-wh why are you talking I mean how are you talking?”

Harris replied back saying “I can speak you know but whatever you do don’t panic" I panicked frighteningly and he said to me "NO! one is  gonna die." Then I started breathing in and out thinking this was a dream.

So I tried slapping myself in the face side to side to wake me up. Then finally I realized that it wasn’t a dream. So I went to get changed and I was still thinking about Harris of how he could still talk

Then  before I went to school Harris said “Have fun at school Lusia!”So then I was still thinking about Harris at school. Then finally I came back from school still thinking about Harris,so I went to my room and saw Harris lying down on my bed watching me. So I said “Hi Harris I missed you I really need to talk to you”.
Then Harris replied back “Hi Lusia I missed you too also your snoring too and yeah what is it you want to talk about?” when after he replied I lie down in my bed with harry saying “how did can you talk and when did you talk?”

But  after I told him a question he told me “I do not know but I know that my family died and he was the only family alive”.

So I hugged Him so tight then told him i'm his family now I will always love him and treat him like my family”!

Thanks for reading!

My rabbit Harris!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lunch time!!! By Lusia Pahulu

Sunday 14th August 2016
Lunch Time!!

Today I woke up feeling amazing and went to have breakfast with my family. Then after I fixed up my hair, brush my teeth,wash my face, got dressed and went to help my grandma with making the Mango Otai. When I help my grandma I always love talking to her and when she talks about her back in the day stories. Also talking about my grandma Lusia (which is my grandma that I am named after) and tells lots of funny stories about me when I was little or francis.

Then a few minutes, we made mango otai.
A mango otai is a yummy drink that has coconut and mango with water and milk. Then after we made the otai we decided to go to pamnure to buy me some new school shoes for tomorrow’s mass. So while I waited for my grandma to get dressed my cousins came for lunch then we talked and talked then finally my grandma got back to finish getting dressed.

After a few minutes my grandma,my cousin and I went to go get my shoes. Then finally we got there we first tried hannahs. When we went to hannah's they did not have my size there at all so we went to number one shoes. They only have boy shoes. So my grandma deiced we should go to sylvia park and try find my size and a good school shoes. Then finally sylvia park hannah's have my size and good school shoes.

So we went inside our car and drove back home to eat lunch. When we got back we ate and ate till we were full. The food was sooo yummy! After I got ready for school tomorrow and had a shower. I had a great day and was very happy spending lots of time with my grandma and grandpa.

Friday, August 12, 2016

My Prototec Tests Results 2016

My chart - Maths Prototec test term 2 and 3 2016

27/06/16 - My test total is 32/40
04/06/16 - My test total is 38/40
25/07/16 - My test total is 40/40
08/08/16  -My test total is 40/40

Cross Country! By Lusia Pahulu

Everyday Show by Lusia Pahulu

My Olympic Values!

Hi My name is Lusia and this is my first ever blog post. I have learnt from Olympics values and trying your best of all times during your learning. 
I hope you enjoy!